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People may think you've got it together. You may even be quite successful. But underneath you may feel sad, anxious, insecure, or empty. You may have habits you don't like or conflicts you don't understand. 

Psychotherapy often provides immediate relief by giving you a safe place to discuss your situation. Good psychotherapy moves beyond support to solutions.  I use a deep understanding of you and your goals and dilemmas to provide tailored guidance, not one-size-fits-all solutions. I pay close attention to your unique strengths and preferences to help you manage your struggles.

​Successful therapy, however, is not just about providing you with new coping skills. While you may start therapy because you want immediate relief, you will continue because you will feel seen, heard, and understood. The larger goal of our work together will be for you to attain a more profound understanding of yourself and your relationships, an increased ability to respond to conflicts, and a greater capacity to enjoy life.

Individual Psychotherapy: Service
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