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You probably started out with a lot of excitement and the best of intentions for creating a successful business. You may even have enjoyed many years of partnership and business growth. However, you and your partner have hit an impasse and you're worried that your business and your relationship are at stake.

Business partnerships can falter for many reasons:

  • Communication breakdowns

  • Workload or role conflicts

  • Financial stress

  • Competing visions

Using techniques from both traditional therapy and organizational consulting, I can help you to:

  • Heal misunderstandings or resentments 

  • Work through partner disagreements efficiently and effectively

  • Clarify and develop a unified vision 

  • Discover the best way to harness individual strengths for the partnership

  • Determine your decision-making styles and how to balance them in the partnership

  • Establish clear and realistic expectations around roles and workloads

I provide business partner coaching in collaboration with Brett Penfil, a leadership coach and organizational consultant with decades of experience. We work together to provide you with both psychological insights about your working relationship and business strategies to optimize that relationship for success. Our partnership coaching package includes an assessment, individual coaching sessions, facilitated partner sessions, and assignments to help you implement changes.

Business Partner Coaching: Service
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