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Often, couples are seeking therapy because they want tools for communicating better. While I am all for helping couples to speak to each other honestly, I often find that underneath the communication breakdowns are the more thorny issues of trust and vulnerability. While I work with you to solve the pragmatic issues of parenting, money, and sex, I also help you to understand the deeper personal issues that make intimacy and understanding a continual work in progress for any couple.

You may have heard of a particular popular approach to understanding couples—emotion-focused therapy or the Gottman method, for example. And you may have tried to categorize your partner in terms of "love languages" or "attachment style." While each of these approaches has some validity, in my experience, they only provide a starting point. Through careful listening and a breadth of knowledge and experience, I can provide you with a deeper understanding of your dynamics as a couple and techniques to move forward that are tailored specifically to you.

Couples Therapy: Service
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